Adjoint Matrix (Geometric Meaning, Properties & Applications)

Adjoint Matrix, also known as adjugate matrix, is a matrix that if formed by the transpose of the cofactor matrix for any given square matrix.

Adjoint of matrix is not only used to find the inverse of a matrix. Even if the inverse of matrix don't exist, adjoint of a matrix is well-defined and meaningful.

Even if inverse don't exists, adjoint of matrix exists and is well-defined

Geometric Meaning of Adjoint Matrix

How to find Adjoint Matrix

Calculating the adjoint of matrix is a simple process.

Form a new matrix with the same dimenions as the original matrix. And for all elements replace the elements with the cofactor of the original matrix.

Co-factor of the matrix

Properties of Matrix Adjoint

Applications of Matrix Adjoint




Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between Adjoint and Adjugate Matrix

Do non-square matrix have adjoint matrix?

Do non-square matrix have adjugate matrix?

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