Linear Algebra Calculators

Matrix Determinant Calculator

Calculate the determinant of a square matrix.

Matrix Multiplication Calculator

Multiply two matrices together.

Matrix Scalar Multiplication Calculator

Multiply matrix element with a scalar value

Reduced Row Echelon Form Calculator

Convert a augmented matrix to reduced row echelon form.

Matrix Rank Calculator

Determine the rank of a matrix.

Matrix Inverse Calculator

Calculate the inverse of a matrix.

Eigenvalue Calculator

Calculate the eigenvalues of a matrix.

Row Space Calculator (Row Span)

Calculate the row space of a matrix.

Cramer's Rule Calculator

Solver for systems of linear equations using Cramer's Rule.

Singular Value Decomposition Calculator

Calculate the svd of a matrix (with detailed steps).

Matrix Norm Calculator

Calculate 1-norm, 2-norm, and infinity norm of a matrix.

Linear Transformation Calculator

Calculate the result of a linear transformation.

Trace of a Matrix Calculator

Calculate the trace of a matrix.

Cofactor Matrix Calculator

Calculate the cofactor matrix of a given matrix.

Adjoint (Adjugate) Matrix Calculator

Calculate the adjugate (adjoint) matrix of a given matrix.

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With increasing popularity of Data Science and Machine Learning, Linear Algebra has become an important subject.

But Linear Algebra has been into use for a long time. It is more popular now because of the AL and ML . Linear Algebra was and is used in many fields like Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics, Statistics, and many more.

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Linear Algebra is the backbone of mathematics. And I believe it should be taught as a separate subject in schools. Not only it be taught as a separate subject, It should be taught in a way that student can find it interesting and fun.

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