Below is the cofactor matrix formed using the cofactor for each element
Now cofactor matrix is transposed to get the adjoint matrix.

Adjoint Matrix Calculator (Adjugate Matrix Calculator)

This web document contains "Adjoint Matrix calculator" which calculates the adjoint of the input matrix. The adjoint of a matrix is the cofactor matrix's transpose matrix.

Adjoint matrix calculator and Adjugate matrix calculator are the same

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How to use this Adjoint Matrix Calculator?

To use this calculator, just select the dimension of the matrix (2x2, 3x3, 4x4). Only square matrices have adjoint matrices.

The ajoint of matrix will be displayed in the output field.

How does this Adjoint Matrix Calculator work?

This adjoint matrix calculator is built using programming language Typescript. This calculator complies with the mathematical rules for calculating the matrix adjoint.

At first, this calculator calculates the cofactor for all the matrix elements.

Then, it forms a co-factor matrix from the cofactor values.

Finally, it transposes the cofactor matrix to get the adjoint matrix.

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